What Sets Us Apart
Why Zara's Collision Center?
  1. Core competencies — We focus on the things important to customers instead of spreading ourselves too thin.
  2. Repair Planning Program — We’ve streamlined (and continue to streamline) the number of steps in the repair process so you get your vehicle back faster with the same high-quality workmanship.
    Watch our Repair Planning video on YouTube!
  3. Technician expertise — Zara’s is the only area facility to achieve Akzo Nobel Acoat® Selected Partner and I-CAR Gold Class recognition. We also have team members that are certified for I-CAR welding, steel, and aluminum.
  4. Clean workspace — Not just clean, but meticulously clean, environment and work area for your vehicle.
  5. 24-hour emergency towing — Towing is available around the clock. Call 217.899.2707 and we’ll handle arrangements for customers. Or, call one of our preferred vendors directly and indicate that the vehicle is to be towed to Zara’s.
  6. Paintless dent repair — Not just limited to hail damage repair, but a range of damage can be repaired using Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). Zara’s offers PDR, a lower cost, high quality method to repair small dents that have not scraped or broken the paint surface. The process preserves the factory paint finish, which is the most durable finish available. Average tie-up time for a vehicle getting PDR is one day. You'll be extremely pleased with this non-intrusive, fast, and cost effective dent repair option.
  7. Benevolence Program — Our tradition of giving back to the community is highlighted by the Zara’s team refurbishing of a totaled vehicle and donating it and other items to a deserving individual. Multiple vehicles have been given away some years, with the pinnacle being our Christmas time luncheon and vehicle presentation.
  8. OEM parts — As much as possible we use Original Equipment Manufacturer parts in place of aftermarket or recycled/used parts because of our buying power and special programs. (ie. GM, Ford, Toyota, etc.)
  9. Enterprise Rentals — Depending on the customer’s situation, Zara’s will have an Enterprise rental car waiting for you at the door when dropping off your vehicle for repairs.

    Hertz Rentals — Hertz vehicles are also available on-site for rental.