Zara's University


You want your operation to change, but you’re not sure how that can happen or what path to follow. Hear what attendees say about Zara University and the energy it brings to their organizations. Gain confidence that your shop can change while having avenues opened to you for new ways to work as evidenced by specific tools and proven procedures that are the core of Zara’s daily operations.


Brad Shelton
Shelton Collsion Repair
Derby, Kansas
Erv Guyett
Collision Concepts
Lincoln, IL
Brad Zara
Zara's Collision Center
Springfield, IL


Production and Workflow Management
October 4, 2017

Participate in Zara’s production meetings and cover with Zara’s leaders the five most important elements of effective production management. See how technicians are provided with information to direct their own activities while hearing directly from Zara’s professionals who impact workflow.



Repair Planning Essentials
October 5, 2017

Learn quality control procedures for repair planning while participating in an audit of repair plans and measurement of performance. Explore how repair planners are compensated and see steps taken by Zara’s to keep the repair planning process from becoming a bottleneck.



Creating Culture Through Communication
November 8, 2017

Be introduced to the process by which Zara’s vision and core values were developed and communicated throughout the organization, and how they provide direction daily throughout the operation. Zara’s five most important objectives for communication are covered along with the framework for addressing negative performance.



Moving to Team
November 9, 2017

Gain insight for Zara’s movement from a collection of individuals striving for personal excellence to a team working as one to achieve organizational excellence. Covered will be role changes during the transition and team management for peak performance. Explanation is provided for maintaining long-term team effectiveness along with compensating and evaluating team members.





Owners, managers and employees...

  • who are worn out, stressed out and ready to give up the fight.
  • who know there must be a better way.
  • who have heard all the ideas and recommendations, but would rather see a successful operation themselves.


Attendees observe leading-edge best practices in the industry firsthand and in-depth. Zara’s experts discuss the transformational processes that Zara’s experienced to implement the best practices.


Zara’s Collision Center in Springfield
One-day class sessions
8:45a to 3:30p


  • $500 per attendee per course
  • Includes course material and lunch
  • $400 per attendee for operations registering more than one person for any course
  • Limited to 10 participants per course

Refund Policy
If registration is cancelled 15 days or more before the course, a full refund will be granted less a $100 cancellation fee per reserved space. The registration may be transferred without cancellation fees to a future course if the transfer is done at least 5 days before the start of the course the person was originally registered to attend. At any time prior to the beginning of the course, the registration may be transferred without cancellation fees to another individual from the same organization as the person originally registered.